T 111 Wood Siding

T 111 Siding

The process of siding involves the covering of the outer layer or parts of a house to protect it from being soaked by water and also from effects of weather. Wood siding is one of the oldest types of siding.

This article will focus on the T 111 wood siding, one of the types of siding. T 111 siding is a wood based siding product that was very popular in the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, when a more natural wood-grained look was desired. The T 111 wood siding is an exterior siding option with different face treatments and groove patterns that follows the original board and batten design of the building. On a building that uses siding, the T 111 Wood siding may act as a key element in the aesthetic beauty of the structure and directly adds to the value of the property. The T 1-11 siding is installed vertically or horizontally on the desired exterior part of the building then paint is applied. However, before this siding is installed, professionals recommend that the back of the wood (of the building) be primed as well as its sides to prevent water from seeping into the wood.

Wood siding can either be smooth or rough on surface. Though, one preferred wood siding is the T 1-11 siding type which is fashioned / grooved to resemble lumber when applied.

How to install T 111 Siding

The installation of T 111 Wood siding is a very important aspect that should be done with care. If installed properly, it can last a lifetime and can withstand more general wear and tear. However, for better installation that will last the expected time, there is a need to contact a good siding contractor.

Benefits and disadvantages of T 111 Wood Siding

  • Installation – the installation process of T 111 Wood siding is very simple. It does not take too long for the installation to be carried out neither is the process difficult. This in turn may lower the cost of installation and the time required to put up a siding in a house.
  • Cost – another advantage of T 111 Wood siding is that it is cheap. When compared to other forms of sidings, it turns out to be the one that is most affordable. The affordable nature of T 111 Siding is accrued to the materials it is made up of; therefore, it is a better alternative for people who are in need of low cost product.

Disadvantages of T 111 Wood Siding

  • Siding panels are not protected by any ting except the paint that was applied as finishing. Because of this, it is prone to damage by extreme weather. I advice at this point that good water proof coat should be used as finishing. This disadvantage is the main reason. T 111 Wood siding is not used much on homes these days.

Maintenance of T 111 Wood Siding

The trick to keeping your T 111 Siding in good condition is a diligent and regular maintenance. T 111 Siding can be maintenance by re-applying a coat of protective stain every five years to protect it from elements. On the other hand, one can decide to paint it. Painting gives it a longer durability term, up to 15 years if you use a good paint. If you decide to adopt the painting option instead of the staining, joints should be painted. This maintenance option provides a longer life to the siding and prevents it from damage by water.

Though the use of T 111 as an option for wood siding is reducing, it is important to note that it has a history of providing satisfaction and it is cost effective, affordable and easy to maintain.